WORKS / 俵万智 展 #たったひとつの「いいね」

WORKS / Machi TAWARA: #Only One "Like", from “Salad Anniversary” to “the Sizes of the Future”

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 角川大映スタジオ、サインアーテック、クリオ、裕和、福永紙工

クレジット: グラフィック: アフォーダンス

所在・会場: 角川武蔵野ミュージアム エディット アンド アートギャラリー

延床面積: 304㎡

設計期間: 2021.04-2021.07

施工期間: 2021.07

会期: 2021.7.21-2021.11.7

写真: 小川真輝


現代日本を代表する歌人、俵万智氏の初の本格個展「俵万智 展 #たったひとつの「いいね」『サラダ記念日』から『未来のサイズ』まで」の会場構成を手掛けた。本展は俵氏の短歌界の最高賞である迢空賞(ちょうくうしょう)受賞を記念し、角川武蔵野ミュージアム内エディット アンド アートギャラリーにて開催された。



Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE


Credit: Graphics: AFFORDANCE


Total floor area: 304㎡

Design period: 2021.04-2021.07

Construction period: 2021.07

Duration: 2021.7.21-2021.11.7

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


We planned for the first full-scale solo exhibition of Machi Tawara, a poet who represents contemporary Japan in her work, with a title "Machi TAWARA: #Only One "Like", from “Salad Anniversary” to “the Sizes of the Future”. This exhibition was held at the EDIT & ART Gallery in the Kadokawa Culture Museum to commemorate Ms. Tawara’s top award in the Tanka (Japanese short poem) world, the Chōkū Prize.

Approximately 300 Tanka carefully selected from 35 years of her career are exhibited in the three areas: "Salad Anniversary", the Corridor, and "the Sizes of the Future". The visitors can enjoy Ms. Tawara’s words and world view displayed and expanded on a large scale which is a new way of viewing them. In the area of the best-selling book, "Salad Anniversary", pink is the theme color. The large heart-shaped fixtures with 20 love poems, and postcards and letters sent to the family during school days are displayed in an extravagant manner. The Corridor area in the center of the venue leads visitors to follow the course of history. Her 100 poems representing the 30 years of the Heisei period are displayed on hanging acrylic boards. The mirrors installed on both sides of the wall form an opposite mirror, and reflect a chronological table drawn on the floor where personal history and social history meander, depicting a continuous flow of time. As the chronological table crawls through the exhibition room, the center pillar stands as if to block the table and exhibits Tanka on its four sides that symbolizes the age of each area where each side is heading. Inverted characters are reflected on the mirror beyond the pillars, and visitors can read the characters through the mirror and feel the vast expanse of the exhibition hall. In "the Sizes of the Future" area, an image of Ishigaki Island, which is also a scenery imagined by Ms. Tawara, is projected, and visitors can see it through the house-shaped furniture with mirrors on all four sides. From the ceiling, 300 airvases printed with Tanka are hung, letting Tanka flutter in the wind.

We aimed to create a space where the visitors can experience the world of her poems with a mass of materials and data and can encounter new words and poems by walking through the world of Ms. Tawara’s words deployed in the venue.