WORKS / 1→10design 京都オフィス

WORKS / 1-10design Kyoto Office

主要用途: オフィス

施工: イシマル

所在・会場: 京都 烏丸

延床面積: 462.6m2

設計期間: 2010.10-2011.02

施工期間: 2011.02-03

写真: 阿野太一


京都を拠点に活動するウェブプロダクション1→10design (ワン・トゥー・テン・デザイン) のオフィスの内装計画。460㎡ほどのワンルームに、ワークスペース、ミーティングルーム、ギャラリーや、休憩のための和室など、多種の用途が求められた。




Principle use: OFFICE

Production: ISHIMARU

Building site: Karasuma Kyoto

Total floor area: 462.6m2

Design period: 2010.10-2011.02

Construction period: 2011.02-03

Photo: Daici Ano


The offices of Kyoto-based web production company, 1-10design (one to ten design), comprise a single 460 ㎡ versatile area featuring work spaces, a meeting room, a gallery and a traditional Japanese room serving as a resting area.

These offices are not only fit for business, but for a variety of purposes as well. We proposed a spacious floor finely partitioned by wooden frames, allowing rooms of various sizes to flow into each other. The framework can also serve as shelves on which we can find office furnishings alongside personal belongings. The frames keep functional spaces separated as the rooms' appearance change every time one passes through them, and yet, they offer a peering view that gives the whole floor a sense of continuity.

The main work space straddles many rooms but a long table running across the center connects them together. Adjacent to this work space is a meeting room, a laboratory, the president's office, a traditional Japanese room and a gallery. Also, the wooden frames offer flexible storage combinations and a variety of usages by turning into book shelves, stowage space or even a bench according to location.

This bare skeleton can become a wall as much as a piece of furniture but really serves as a background prompting miscellaneous interactions by keeping the ability to accommodate future changes with flexibility. The office allows one to change the scene in front of us according to our mood while preserving the sense of unity of a single room.