WORKS / AA スツール by Karimoku

WORKS / AA STOOL by Karimoku


主要用途: プロダクト

製作: カリモク

素材: ハードメープル/チェリー/ウォルナット/ソフトメープル (ワーミー)

サイズ: W328 x D422(1台330) x H560mm

設計期間: 2018.05-07

製作期間: 2018.07

写真: 小川真輝



Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: Karimoku

Material: hard maple / cherry / walnut / soft maple (wormy)

Size: W328 x D422 (330 for each separated stool) x H560mm

Design period: 2018.05-07

Production period: 2018.07

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


Karimoku’s techniques have been applied in the redesign of AA STOOL, which uses minimal parts and processes. In the office, it can be used as a counter when multiple stools are connected in the horizontal direction, or as a stool for seating when more people are present.