WORKS / 空気の器 (しろねこくろねこ, ぼくだよ ぼくだよ, みんな)

WORKS / airvase (White Cat, Black Cat, Boku dayo boku dayo, Minna)

主要用途: プロダクト

製作: 福永紙工

クレジット: ©子ども文化コミュニティ/絵: きくちちき/パッケージデザイン: TAKAIYAMA

設計期間: 2019.03-05

製作期間: 2019.06-07

写真: ヘルシー(巽陽介)


意匠登録: 第1406936号


Principle use: PRODUCT

Manufacturer: FUKUNAGA PRINT

Credit: ©子ども文化コミュニティ / illustration: Chiki Kikuchi / Package graphic: TAKAIYAMA

Design period: 2019.03-05

Production period: 2019.06-07

Photo: healthy(Yousuke Tatsumi)


Japanese design patent: 1406936

This is a paper bowl that envelops air. It is possible to create various shapes by pulling it in different derections. The paper is thin and light, but when expanded it is rigid and strong enough to stand alone.
Enjoy bold yet delicate illustrations in 3D, designed by Chiki Kikuchi, a picture book author.