WORKS / イソップ・ジャパン 東京オフィスA

WORKS / Aesop Japan Tokyo office A

主要用途: オフィス

施工: JPDH


所在・会場: 東京 表参道

延床面積: S 造 280.39 m2

設計期間: 2022.04-2022.09

施工期間: 2022.08-2022.10

写真: 阿野太一


トラフで継続して店舗内装を手掛けている、オーストラリアのスキンケアブランド イソップの、東京オフィス内装計画。隣り合う2棟の建物を同時にリノベーションした。

A棟は2 階建ての家形が特徴の小さな鉄骨造の建物である。1階はエントランス入ってすぐイソップのアロマのインスタレーションが出迎え、低い壁で仕切られた奥に執務空間が広がる。エントランスにココヤシのカーペットを敷き詰めた以外は既存のモルタル床を活かし、壁はイソップのパッケージにも使われるクリーム色で再塗装した。フォーンブースは入れ子状のボックスとしてバーチ材で仕上げ、執務空間とバックスペースとの間に配置し、建築と家具の間のような存在にすることで、一室空間をゆるやかに分節している。2階では、壁を解体して現れた床の補修箇所は既存のフローリングを増し貼りするのではなくモルタルで埋めて建物の履歴として残した。


Principle use: OFFICE

Production: JPDH

Credit: Lighting design: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN

Building site: Tokyo Omotesando

Total floor area: S 280.39 m2

Design period: 2022.04-2022.09

Construction period: 2022.08-2022.10

Photo: Daici Ano


The interior design for the Tokyo office of Australian skincare brand Aesop, whose store interior designs TORAFU continues to work on.We renovated the two adjacent buildings at the same time.
The common approach we took for the two buildings was interpreting the history of the interior layered by the changes of previous tenants and embodying Aesop’s character in the interior by using partial demolition. In addition, we paid considerable attention to sustainability. We actively preserved the disassembled wooden beams for future use in stores, as well as repurposing items such as meeting room doors and lighting fixtures from the office before relocation, and other things that were no longer used at the store.

Office A is a small steel-framed building that features a two-story house structure. On the first floor, Aesop's aroma installation welcomes visitors at the entrance, and the office space extends behind a low wall. The existing mortar floor is fully utilized, except for the coconut carpet area at the entrance. The walls are re-painted in the cream color used for Aesop’s packaging. The phone booth is a nested box with a birch wood finish, installed between the office and the back space. This installation contributes to making the booth a hybrid of architecture and furniture, gently dividing the single-room space. On the 2nd floor, we filled the repaired parts of the floor that appeared after dismantling with mortar instead of covering them with new flooring of the same material, to leave them as a part of the building’s history.

While avoiding turning the building into a complete skeleton, we considered the existing parts as one of the materials. We carefully selected the combination of old and new like a patchwork, aiming to create a rich and warm space typical of Aesop.