WORKS / おうちで工作!『ちいさいおうち』

WORKS / At Home! Craft "The Little House"

主要用途: Webサイト

クレジット: 共同制作:みんなのダンボールマン(d_l_b)

設計期間: 2020.04-2020.08

写真: 吉次史成





Credit: Collaborator:danboard-man(d_l_b)

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu


Planning for “Let’s make The Little House with a box around you” for the site “At Home! Ehon Museum 2020” is designed through the collaboration with “Danboard man”.

The craft plan to make “The Little House” using a whole box can make various types of houses depending on what type of box you use. This website’s plan focuses on simplicity so it can be made with a box at home and customizability to make it their own piece. On the site, images are added for children to understand how to intuitively make and use. “The Little House” can be made from any type of boxes without creating trash and the additional strap and the inner lid support good portability.

We aimed to make this plan to be an opportunity for children to rethink “house” as the closest space and to experience the joy of craft.