主要用途: プロダクト


設計期間: 2008.07-10

施工期間: 2008.10-12

写真: 太田拓実

MAGIS JapanのPR用に、フットサルボールのデザインを手がけることに なった。一般的にサッカーボールとしてイメージされているのは、黒い五角形のパネル12枚と白い六角形のパネル20枚で構成された形状(切頂二十面体)である。この白黒のボールに少し手を加えて、いつもとは少し違う視点を提供できればと考えた。


Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: SFIDA

Design period: 2008.07-10

Construction period: 2008.10-12

Photo: Takumi Ota

We were approached to design a futsal ball as part of MAGIS Japan’s PR campaign. A typical soccer ball consists of 12 black pentagonal faces and 20 white hexagonal faces assembled to give it the characteristic shape that can also be described as a spherical truncated icosahedron. We decided to bring our own touch to the traditional black and white ball and revamp its design for the occasion.

By combining Cyan (C), Magenta (M) and Yellow (Y) in equal parts we obtain Black (K), or Key. To illustrate this principle, we designed a ball that looks as if the colored pentagons have shifted from the impact of a kick. The 7 colors obtained by the blurred CMY combinations create a colorful impression of movement on the white background even when the futsal ball is at rest.