WORKS / Collector’s Collection Kwon Dae Sup

WORKS / Collector’s Collection Kwon Dae Sup

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: Urban Refuge

クレジット: 主催: Kimreeaa gallery

所在・会場: KIMREEAA GALLERY,ソウル,韓国

延床面積: 143m2

設計期間: 2022.09-2022.10

施工期間: 2022.11.21-28

会期: 2022.11.29-12.24

写真: Jo Hyunjun


韓国、ソウルにあるKIMREEAA GALLERYで行われた陶芸家Kwon Dae Supの作品と木工コレクションを展示する展覧会の会場構成。

Principle use: EXHIBITION

Production: Urban Refuge

Credit: Organize: Kimreeaa Gallery

Building site: KIMREEAA GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

Total floor area: 143m2

Design period: 2022.09-2022.10

Construction period: 2022.11.21-28

Duration: 2022.11.29-12.24

Photo: Jo Hyunjun


The venue plan for an exhibition of ceramic artist Kwon Dae Sup's works and woodwork collection, held at KIMREEAA GALLERY in Seoul, South Korea.
To contrast with the pottery's organic shapes and smooth textures, ready-made 6-inch concrete blocks, which have linear shapes and coarse texture are used as the exhibition stands. We created an exhibition setting whereby the way of stacking blocks is changed in each room according to the exhibited works.
In the room where large white jars, known as "moonjar", are displayed as the artist's representative work, the artworks are surrounded by blocks that can be walked on. Sitting on a bench by the wall you can also observe the works as if admiring a stone garden. In the next room, you can appreciate the artist’s woodwork collection while circling an island of blocks stacked at different heights.
The coarse texture, industrial uniformity, and neutral tones of the blocks accentuate the sophistication of the artist's delicate, organic ceramic pieces and the strength of the vintage woodwork collections.