主要用途: 展示会場構成


所在・会場: アメリカ、ラスベガス・コンベンション・センター

延床面積: 325m2

設計期間: 2016.01-2016.03

施工期間: 2016.04

会期: 2016.04.16-04.21

写真: DJI


アメリカ・ラスベガスで毎年開催される世界最大の放送機器展NAB SHOW 2016における、世界のドローン市場70%を占めると言われるDJIのための展示会場構成。多くの人が行き交う混雑した空間の中でも人の目にとまるような、世界シェア1位の存在感が求められた。


近年、ドローンの普及によって私達の体験する街や自然は変わりつつある。巨大化したドローンと、極小化した街のモチーフは、 人と街との新しい関係を予感させる象徴となる。

Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Production: EXPO-ONE,MC2

Building site: Las Vegas Convention Center, America

Total floor area: 325m2

Design period: 2016.01-2016.03

Construction period: 2016.04

Duration: 22016.04.16-04.21

Photo: DJI


This exhibition site was designed for DJI, who account for 70% of the global drone market, as part of the world’s largest broadcasting equipment exhibition, NAB Show 2016, held annually in Las Vegas, United States. DJI required a stage presence commensurate with their position as global leaders of the drone market, something that would capture the attention of the many people coming and going in this crowded space.

The entire booth was designed to appear like a city by placing graphic panels similar to a map representing blocks of land, waterfront, and terrain across the whole 325m2 rectangular floor with pathways on three sides. There is a large object suspended overhead that is modeled on a drone, as though it were flying over the virtual city. This giant drone acts both as an icon visible from any point in the venue and as a source of light illuminating the entire booth with its built-in downlight.

The central area resembling a stadium is used as a flying area to demo the drone, while the surrounding area is encircled by exhibition appliances designed to appear like buildings. The design consistency of the exhibition items that provide commentary was created by treating the commentary video monitor as if it were an electronic billboard on a commercial building in a city-like environment.

In recent years, the way we experience cities and nature has been changing due to the growing popularity of drones. The concept behind the giant drone and miniature city symbolizes a sense of the new relationship between people and cities.