主要用途: プロダクト(プロトタイプ)

製作: 丹青社

素材: レッドシダー/スチール/既製品杖

サイズ: W1000mm×D235mm×H720mm/SH450mm

設計期間: 2016.04 - 2016.06

製作期間: 2016.06

写真: 尾鷲陽介/小川真輝


Principle use: PRODUCT(prototype)

Production: TANSEISHA

Material: red cedar / steel / ready-made cane

Size: W1000mm×D235mm×H720mm/SH450mm

Design period: 2016.04-2016.06

Production period: 2016.06

Photo: Yosuke Owashi / Masaki Ogawa

This bench beckons passersby to sit down as if saying dōzo suwatte kudasai, which is Japanese for“ Please, have a seat.” We designed a piece of furniture that could be shared by all while remaining the private property of an individual. We sought to transform the city landscape with these outdoor benches to be placed in front of houses.