WORKS / DROOLY Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: 日展

クレジット: ブランディング・グラフィック:THAT’S ALL RIGHT.

所在・会場: 大阪 梅田

延床面積: 39.2m2

設計期間: 2021.09-2022.03

施工期間: 2022.03-2022.04

写真: 小川真輝


阪神梅田本店にオープンした、スイーツの新ブランド「DROOLY(ドローリー)」1号店の内装計画。様々な店舗が並ぶ中、「チーズ with ハニー」をテーマにしたスイーツを提案する同ブランドのイメージを強く印象付ける店舗が求められた。

Principle use: SHOP

Production: NITTEN

Credit: Branding,Graphics:THAT’S ALL RIGHT.

Site area: Umeda Osaka

Total floor area: 39.2m2

Design period: 2021.09-2022.02

Construction period: 2022.03-2022.04

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


An interior plan for the first store to feature the new sweets brand "DROOLY", which located at Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store. Set amongst a variety of shops and stores, the shop needs to highlight the brand's image and showcase its “cheese with honey” sweets.
Attracted by the large, seasonal graphics in the store window facing the JR ticket gate, people passing along the concourse will see the 8.5m-long counter, whose strong presence immediately draws people's attention. The yellow wall, reminiscent of the sweets, has been painted with a special textured paint to make it stand proud and the saliva – quite literally, the “drool” – dripping from the drawn mascot character is rendered in three-dimensional gold. The smooth, gray linoleum countertop forms an impressive contrast to the vibrant and graphical packages. The wall graphic on the right side of the storefront, which changes every season, represents various aspects of the store. The L-shaped end of the fixture also features an eye-catching effect to attract the attention of people passing along the corridor.
The contrasting colors and minimalist composition of the counter and wall expressively enhance the characters and packaging that symbolize the brand.