WORKS / エルメス 2016S/S ウィンドウディスプレイ

WORKS / Hermès 2016 S/S Window Display

主要用途: ディスプレイデザイン

所在・会場: 全国22店舗にて

設計期間: 2015.12-2016.04

会期: 2016.04-2016.07

写真: Nacása& Partners Inc./ Courtesy of Hermès Japon

全国22店舗で展開する、エルメスのウィンドウディスプレイ。 2016年のエルメスの年間テーマである「Nature at full gallop (自然‐軽やかなギャロップ)」 をコンセプトに、ウィンドウをデザインした。



Principle use: Display design

Building site: 22 stores throughout Japan

Design period: 2015.12-2016.04

Duration: 2016.04-2016.07

Photo: Nacása & Partners Inc./ Courtesy of Hermès Japon

This Hermès window display is being exhibited in 22 stores across Japan. The concept for the window display is based on Hermès annual theme for 2016, "Nature at full gallop."

Nature is an expansive theme that ranges in scale from a single cell to outer space. What we normally see as "nature" is in fact merely one small part; the naked human eye cannot discern the rest of the world that endlessly expands before it. With this display, we have attempted to present a new aspect of nature by drawing attention to, and magnifying, a world that is normally concealed from us.

Looking at a cross-section of plants with a microscope reveals a universe of beautiful patterns that numbers the many plants found around the world. We expressed these patterns through an arrangement of custom color PVC pipes that are similar to enlarged micro cell patterns found within various plants. In the background, color gradations akin to chemicals used in experiments vividly reproduce these cell patterns. The pieces are displayed according to their diverse cell patterns.
Our aim was to create a display that would convey the beauty and wonder of "nature" that is concealed within plants on a micro scale, which we normally cannot see.