WORKS / Hirotaka グランフロント大阪店

WORKS / Hirotaka Grand Front Osaka

主要用途: 物販店舗



所在・会場: グランフロント大阪

延床面積: 45.05m2

設計期間: 2023.02-2023.08

施工期間: 2023.07-2023.08

写真: 太田拓実





Principle use: SHOP

Production: D.BRAIN

Credit: Lighting design: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN / Shop VMD design: PALMETTO INOUE Maki Izutsu

Building site: Grand Front Osaka

Total floor area: 45.05m2

Design period: 2023.02-2023.08

Construction period: 2023.07-2023.08

Photo: Takumi Ota


Interior design for GRAND FRONT OSAKA store of the jewelry brand, Hirotaka. The project site was a simple space with a 7m-square-shape and a 3.9m-high ceiling, with a full glass façade facing the common passageway.

The fixtures inside the store are carved out of laminations of five contrasting woods to make various shapes with movement. The glass cases are placed on them in an unbalanced way to give the store a playful impression and a sense of dynamism. The corners are all rounded off to give the edges a texture that makes visitors want to caress. The fixtures were produced in collaboration with Karimoku Furniture, a wooden furniture manufacturer based in Aichi Prefecture, to express the volume and texture of wood.
In contrast to the hard feel of the common passageway covered with stone and glass, the walls and ceiling are painted light beige to bring a warm impression to the store's interior. The overhanging wall on the right side has an embedded case, and on the left the glass case was attached directly to the wall to create variation in presentation. Black shelf leather is laid under each case to set off the black façade sash in order to connect the outside and inside spaces. The mirrors angled in the vertical direction are attached to the left and right pillars, enclosing the space like a gate and providing the effect of reflecting everything in the store in an odd way. The tube lights coming out from the wall at the back of the store intertwine with a row of brass-colored rings hanging from the ceiling and extend to the center of the store. 

We aimed to create a playful and cozy lounge-like space where customers can feel a sense of Hirotaka's brand image by using several types of warm wooden mass.