WORKS / トラフ建築設計事務所×かみの工作所(インテリアライフスタイル 2015)

WORKS / TORAFU ARCHITECTS × KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO (interiorlifestyle Tokyo 2015)

主要用途: 展示ブース

施工: イシマル

クレジット: グラフィック:高い山/コラボレーション: 髙谷廉,太公良,平山昌尚,三星安澄,Mogu Takahashi

所在・会場: 東京ビッグサイト 西ホール アトリウム

延床面積: 9m2

設計期間: 2015.03-05

施工期間: 2015.06.09

会期: 2015.06.10-12

写真: 巽陽介(ヘルシー)


壁面全体を使って、これまでのラインナップを紹介しつつ、新作となる「空気の器メッセージカード クリエイターシリーズ」を作家ごとに紹介している。波型にカーブした天板は空気の器の網目をイメージしたもので、壁面に沿ってブース内を巡る。天板の奥行きの変化が展示にリズムを与え、展開の可能性を示す多彩な見せ方を可能にする。

Principle use: DISPLAY BOOTH

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Graphics: TAKAIYAMA/ Collaboration: Ren Takaya, TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori, Masanao Hirayama, Azumi Mitsuboshi, Mogu Takahashi

Building site: Tokyo Big Sight,West hall Atrium

Total floor area: 9m2

Design period: 2015.03-05

Construction period: 2015.06.09

Duration: 2015.06.10-12

Photo: Yousuke Tatsumi(healthy)


We designed the exhibition booth of KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO presented during the Interior Lifestyle design fair held at Tokyo Big Sight. The booth is a platform for the five new and unique airvase series, each designed by a different artist, and is intended as an experiment to develop their use as airvase message cards.
The wall-to-wall display features our existing lineup of airvase designs as well as the new airvase Message Card Creator Series made by each artist. A table runs along the walls of the booth and the tabletop's wavy edges evoke the mesh of the airvase design. The resulting variation in the depth of the tabletop enables the development of the airvase to be framed in a variety of ways, while imparting rhythm to the exhibition.
We strived to create a space in which visitors could discover each product under various aspects and appearances, while bringing a sense of unity to the booth as a whole.