WORKS / mizucolor (インテリアライフスタイル 2017)

WORKS / mizucolor (interiorlifestyle Tokyo 2017)

主要用途: 展示ブース

施工: イシマル

クレジット: ディレクション:ミルデザイン/アートワーク:阿部岳史

所在・会場: 東京ビッグサイト 西ホール アトリウム

延床面積: 7.2㎡

設計期間: 2017.01-06

施工期間: 2017.06.13

写真: healthy(巽陽介)


重ね塗りの回数で濃淡のバリエーションを出せる特徴を活かし、アーティスト阿部岳史による1156個の木キューブを使ったモザイク画を中央の壁面に展示した。左右の壁面では、各色のボトルと、塗装サンプルを色見本帳のように見せ、カラフルAA STOOLは展示台として使いつつ、塗装見本としても展示している。

Principle use: DISPLAY BOOTH

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: MIRU DESIGN / Art work : Takeshi Abe

Building site: Tokyo Big Sight,West hall Atrium

Total floor area: 7.2㎡

Design period: 2017.01-06

Construction period: 2017.06.13

Photo: healthy(Yosuke Tatsumi)


We designed the exhibition booth of paint manufacturer Washin Chemical Industry's brand of paint, mizucolor, for the Interior Lifestyle design fair held at Tokyo Big Sight. Deliverables included a booth presenting the brand's rich color palette and painted wooden objects to convey the ease of DIY projects.
The central wall features a mosaic by artist Takeshi Abe made of 1156 wooden cubes showcasing the paint's ability to produce shade variations according to the number of coats applied. The left and right walls act as a book of color samples consisting of paint bottles of each color on one side and their corresponding samples on the opposite site. Colorful AA STOOLs serve both as display stands and as individual paint samples.
By utilizing the delicate hue gradations of mizucolor, we strived to create an exhibition space highlighting the possibilities afforded by the paint.