WORKS / Ki Ki Ki

WORKS / Ki Ki Ki

主要用途: プロダクト

製造・販売: カリモク家具

素材: 集成材 (ナラ / ウォールナット / サペリ / チェリー / メープル)

サイズ: Ki-01 W69×D69×H200 / Ki-02 W85×D85×H120 / Ki-03 W53×D53×H160

設計期間: 2020.04-10

製作期間: 2020.10-12

写真: 小川 真輝



「木(Ki)の集積で作られた木(Ki) のオブジェが、気(Ki)のめぐりを促す」をコンセプトとした『Ki Ki Ki』。丸みを帯びた3種のオブジェは、さまざまな個性を持つ木々を思わせるユニークな形状を特徴とする。身体にやさしくフィットするため、つぼ押しとしても活用できる。大きく価値観が変容し思わぬストレスを感じやすい今、木の柔らかい気配と手触りを持つ、ユニークな形のオブジェで、リラックス効果も与えたいと考えた。

Principle use: PRODUCT

Manufacturer: Karimoku

Material: Plywood (oak / walnut / sapele / cherry / maple)

Size: Ki-01 W69×D69×H200 / Ki-02 W85×D85×H120 / Ki-03 W53×D53×H160

Design period: 2020.04-10

Production period: 2020.10-12

Photo: Masaki Ogawa


With Karimoku Inc, we joint-developed this novelty item based on our wish to enrich the daily lives of people around world who have had to start spending most of their day at home. The item is made of wood waste from the process of furniture manufacturing, reflecting the craftsman’s positive works on sustainability. The company takes their art seriously and manages all the process from lumber procurement to manufacturing.

“Ki Ki Ki”, which is a concept of wood-shape objects made with plywood, encourages the flow of energy. (In Japanese, Ki stands for wood and energy flows) The 3-types of rounded objects are distinctive and reminiscent of trees, each with various individualities. They fit the body and can be used as acupressure tools. In the current situation when people easily feel unexpected pressure because of the great transition of value, we would provide a relaxing effect with the uniquely shaped objects with a kind atmosphere.
The objects, with their soft touch and the gentle tactile, are peculiar to the wooden items nestle closely to the rich and cozy time at home.