WORKS / 暮らしになじむLOHACO展 2018

WORKS / A Day with LOHACO Exhibition 2018

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 博展/福永紙工

クレジット: 主催:アスクル/企画:CPCenter/協力:Ricco


設計期間: 2018.05-09

施工期間: 2018.10.3

製作期間: 2018.09-10

会期: 2018.10.05-10

写真: 吉次史成


東京・代官山T-SITE GARDEN GALLERYで開催された「暮らしになじむLOHACO展 2018」の展示会場構成。
「LOHACO ECマーケティングラボ」に参加するメーカーを中心とした48社が、“暮らしになじむデザイン”をコンセプトに、アスクルとコラボレーションした全58点の新商品を一堂に発表する場において、暮らしの中に商品が置かれた風景を想起できる空間が求められた。

“ポップアップ”をテーマに、日常のシーンを巨大な飛び出す絵本のように表現し、厚さ1.6mmの鉄板を曲げて製作した展示什器や、壁面は全て紙素材の表具で仕上げた。朝・昼・夜・休日に分類された4つのシーンを、回遊しながら、また時間軸に沿って体験できる構成を考えた。 メインの展示の他に、記念撮影が楽しめる3つのフォトスポットと、その場でLOHACOでの購入を体験できるバーチャルスーパーと呼ばれるコンテンツを設置した。天井から吊られた空気の器の雲や紙で製作した植木鉢などの装飾が、紙で作る世界観をより一層引き立たせている。


Principle use: EXIBITION SITE

Production: Hakuten/ FUKUNAGA-PRINT

Credit: Sponsorship:ASKUL Corporation/Planning:CPCenter/Cooperate:Ricco

Building site: Daikanyama T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY,Tokyo

Design period: 2018.05-09

Construction period: 2018.10.3

Production period: 2018.09-10

Duration: 2018.11.05-10

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu


We designed the venue for the "A Day with LOHACO Exhibition 2018" held at T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY in Daikanyama, Tokyo, featuring the products of 48 manufacturing companies who participated in "LOHACO EC Marketing Labo" under the concept of "Designs that fit your lifestyle". Deliverables included a space enabling visitors to envision how these products fit in their lives where 58 new products resulting from a collaboration with ASKUL were unveiled in one room.

With "popup" as the theme, everyday scenes are presented like a giant popup picture book furnished with fixtures produced by bending 1.6 mm thick iron plates and walls adorned with picture frames entirely made of paper. We envisioned a layout allowing visitors to experience four scenes categorized along a "morning", "noon", "night", and "holidays" time axis as they make their way around the venue. Besides the main exhibition, three selfie spots to enjoy taking commemorative photos and an installation called "virtual supermarket" to shop LOHACO products on the spot were also made available. Cloud-like Airvases hanging from the ceiling and flower pots made with paper further complemented the perspective of a world made of paper.

Through the abstract representation of everyday scenes afforded by paper materials as a backdrop, we aimed to create an exhibition space with a 2.5-dimensional perspective where the diverse products would pop out at visitors.