WORKS / 小さな生産者

WORKS / Little Eco Farmer

主要用途: 展覧会作品

所在・会場: 東京 青山 オリエアートギャラリー

会期: 2011.08.23-09.22



再生可能エネルギーが、将来にわたって持続していくポテンシャルを持つ土地という観点からみると、都会よりも、田舎や途上と思われていた地域の方が「先進」であり、 「先進」に関する、一般的な価値観が逆転する。(再生可能エネルギー供給量と自給率は大分県がトップであり、東京都は40位である。)


Principle use: ART WORK

Building site: ORIE Galary Aoyama Tokyo

Duration: 2011.08.23-09.22

Before we come up with a new blueprint for living after 3.11, we thought about whether the way we view energy is really unchangeable. As individuals we can all start as little farmers of energy, and begin by for example, growing a small vegetable garden at home. In fact, it is becoming necessary to plan how we can switch from the use of nuclear power and the continuously depleting fossil fuels, to using renewable sources of energy such as hydro, solar and wind power.

When looking at how well a place can sustain itself into the future from a sustainable energy point of view, the countryside is actually more advanced than cities, which are often perceived as places of innovation. The general sense of value for such places is thus reversed. (Oita Prefecture rates the top in renewable energy supply and self sufficiency, while Tokyo is at 40th place)

We hope the approach to daily energy supply will happen at an individual level. This way, the energy issue will gradually become real to us and we will be able to face it with increased familiarity.