主要用途: プロダクト(プロトタイプ)

製作: 丹青社

素材: クス/エノキ

サイズ: φ300×H500 / φ330×H450 / φ400×H400

設計期間: 2015.04 - 2015.06

製作期間: 2015.06

写真: 尾鷲陽介





Principle use: PRODUCT (prototype)

Production: TANSEISHA

Material: camphorwood / hackberry

Size: φ300×H500 / φ330×H450 / φ400×H400

Design period: 2015.04-2015.06

Production period: 2015.06

Photo: Yosuke Owashi

In an era where contact with nature has become a rarity, we propose a collection of furniture to bring nature into your home.

Despite lumber machines becoming mainstream, there are still craftsmen who saw lumber according to traditional methods using saws as tall as a standing person. By observing the shape and grain of the tree, they are able to use lumber without waste in ways that lumber machines do not allow. Thus, we designed in collaboration with such craftsmen the LOG furniture series, which is part lighting, part stool and part table.

They embed the mark of their art embedded in nature using techniques, such as "stop sawing," "rotary sawing" and "bend sawing." Using the former technique, "LOG" is vertically divided into six equally shaped legs formed by the warping of lumber when it dries. Therefore, we sought to embed the mark of time left by nature in each piece of furniture.

Our aim was to create a piece of furniture halfway between a product and a raw material that becomes a tool through the subtle intervention of man, in the same way a "lumberjack's candle" made by making vertical slits into a log becomes a torch that can burn for long ours and help air circulation when lit.