WORKS / minä perhonen + musubi ちょうむすび

WORKS / minä perhonen + musubi chou musubi

主要用途: 展示ブース

施工: 東京スタデオ

所在・会場: スパイラル エントランス・ショーケース

延床面積: 20.3m2

設計期間: 2013.08-10

施工期間: 2013.10.25,27

会期: 2013.10.26-11.04

写真: 吉次史成



東京・青山のスパイラル1Fエントランスとショーケースで行われた、10日間限定のポップアップショップ「minä perhonen + musubi ちょうむすび」の空間構成。ファッションブランドminä perhonenと京都の風呂敷専門メーカー、むす美とのコラボレーション企画で、東京でのショップ空間を手掛けることとなった。




Principle use: DISPLAY BOOTH

Production: TOKYO STUDIO

Building site: SPIRAL "Entrance" "Showcase

Total floor area: 20.3m2

Design period: 2013.08-10

Construction period: 2013.10.25,27

Duration: 2013.10.26-11.0

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu



“minä perhonen + musubi” space was completed as 10 days limited pop-up shop at Spiral 1F entrance and showcase in Aoyama, Tokyo. The exhibitions were a collaboration of the clothing brand minä perhonen and furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) maker, Musubi, in Kyoto.

Furoshiki, which has been loved and rooted to our daily life, not only as a wrapping cloth, but also as a fashion item by changing its form as a scarf or a handbag, were hung all over in the shop in different colors and shapes.
New furoshiki pattern motif for upcoming products were scattered on walls and glass surfaces. We attempted to synchronize the atmosphere of the space with the products.

In order to show the lightness of furoshiki, they were hung from the ceiling to create different accents in the space. On the column surfaces, we showed various ways of wrapping by utilizing both graphic and actual products. This gives illusion between two dimensions and three dimensions. There was also a workshop space where you can practice and experiment the ways to wrap. We also considered the store fixtures to be easily constructed and deconstructed when it goes around other places.

Our aim was to create a space where you can experience the lightness of furoshiki as it unfolds, thereby ever-changing the characteristics in its shape.