WORKS / マウンテン ディスプレイ


主要用途: 物販店舗

設備設計: マックスレイ(照明)

施工: イノウエインダストリィズ

クレジット: 共同設計: 藤森泰司アトリエ/ファブリック: NUNO 安東陽子

所在・会場: 長崎 雲仙・九州ホテル

延床面積: 121.7m2

設計期間: 2007.11-2008.03

施工期間: 2008.04

写真: 加藤淳史

九州雲仙の山間に建つ、創業90年になる老舗「九州ホテル」。そのロビー空間 の一角にあるスーベニールショップの改装計画。商品の量が多いため、今後さらに増え続けてもそれに耐え得る強さを備えた空間となるよう、客の視線を受け止める強いキャラクター性を什器に持たせる計画とした。そこで、この場所ならではの特性を求めて周囲の山あいの風景に注目した。



Principle use: SHOP

Facility design: MAXRAY (Lightings)


Credit: Design collabolation: TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Fabric design: Yoko Ando 


Total floor area: 121.7m2

Design period: 2007.11-2008.03

Construction period: 2008.04

Photo: Junji Katoh

Nested in the Unzen mountain range, the Kyushu Hotel has become landmark in Nagasaki Prefecture over the last 90 years. Renovating the souvenir shop located in a corner of the lobby presented a challenge that we overcame by proposing a display stand endowed with strong character that met our client’s expectations so that it could accommodate an ever growing number of articles. The furniture piece is inspired by the typical alpine scenery of the region.

The mountain-shaped display is made of four parts and echoes the motif of the majestic Unzen Mountains welcoming the articles on display on its hilly landscape. The mountaintop exceeds an average adult’s height, making it impossible to take in all articles at a glance. This unique setting brings about an enhanced shopping experience by inviting customers to stroll around the mountain as if hiking for souvenirs. We used a medium-density fiberboard, or MDF framework painted in dark brown with a clear coating transparent enough to reveal its grain, conferring depth and a distinguished look to the entire display.

Once they pass the columns and enter the souvenir shop from the hotel’s lobby, patrons are met by a mountain range extending endlessly before their eyes and into the mirrors placed at both ends creating a spacious and refreshing scenery.