主要用途: 物販店舗

設備設計: On&Off(照明)

施工: イシマル/三保谷硝子店

所在・会場: 東京 原宿

延床面積: 108m2

設計期間: 2006.11-12

施工期間: 2006.12-2007.01

写真: 阿野太一

「Air Force1」の回遊水族館
裏原宿にオープンした、ナイキのAir Force1というシューズを専門に扱う1年間限定ストアの内外装計画である。 月ごとに増えていく新商品は販売期間が終了すると展示品として扱われる。数足だけの状態から始まり、1年後300足近い数になるまでの過程を視覚的に楽しめるようにする。これらの特殊な条件に着目して計画を始めた。





Principle use: SHOP

Facility design: On&Off (Lightings)


Building site: Harajuku Tokyo

Total floor area: 108m2

Design period: 2006.11-12

Construction period: 2006.12-2007.01

Photo: Daici Ano

「Aquarium of migratory Air Force 1's」
This is an interior and exterior designing project of Nike Air Force 1 store, which is limitedly open for one year at the back street of Harajuku. The new products which appear month after month keep displayed even after the sales period is over. The number of products is only a few in the first month, but will be no less than about 300 one year later. We intended the customers to be able to visually enjoy the process in which the number of the products increases.

We proposed to display only white Air Force 1's at first and add the new model of a different color every time it is released. To achieve this, we designed the double-glass showcase which makes the shoes look as if they were swimming in a circular cylinder. The shoes displayed in circles, with all of them facing the same direction, look like a migratory school of fish swimming in the tank of an aquarium. And this "school of shoes" changes its look, gaining shoes of different colors.

High transmittance glass bracket shelves to put the shoes on are jointed with photobond, which hardens under ultraviolet rays. One of the two inner side sheets of the glass can be slid in order to change the products to display. On the wall, we used cemented excelsior board which is painted in white to placard such seasonal items to promote sales as posters. Its rough texture bearing harsh use, contrasts with the plain surface of the glass showcase.

On the second floor is a lounge where you can design original Air Force 1 (reservations required). Looking down the showcase from the top of the double height structure, a school of Air Force 1's is swimming around under the water surface of the blue carpet spread on the second floor.