WORKS / 中丸の住宅


主要用途: 住宅

構造設計: 昭和女子大学 森部康司

設備設計: スパンコール(照明)

施工: 中鉢建設

クレジット: ファブリック: NUNO          

所在・会場: 神奈川 横浜

敷地面積: 74.5m2

延床面積: 78.9m2

規模: 地上2階

構造: 木造

設計期間: 2008.05-10

施工期間: 2008.11-2009.05

写真: 阿野太一





Principle use: HOUSE

Structural design: Moribe Yasushi Showa Women's University

Facility design: Spangle (Lightings)

Production: CHUBACHI

Credit: Fabric design: NUNO

Building site: Yokohama Kanagawa

Site area: 74.5m2

Total floor area: 78.9m2

Number of stories: 2F

Structure: WOOD

Design period: 2008.05-10

Construction period: 2008.11-2009.05

Photo: Daici Ano

The couple living in this small house with their pet dog can enjoy the natural environment in their vicinity from the comfort of their lofty terrace and tiled floors. The site is located on high ground offering a view of the Port of Yokohama from its southeastern side and that of a big cherry tree facing the house in a school ground across the street.

We chose a gable roof to highlight the residential aspect of the building in contrast with the adjacent school. Utilitarian rooms such as the master bedroom and bathroom are located on the 1st floor, while a large single open space serving as a living room can be found on the 2nd floor. The furnishings discretely rise from the tiled floor to merge in color and height with the panel walls, gently encircling the lower part of the room. The recipient thus formed under the inclined white ceiling above can hold many pieces of furniture without a hint of disorderliness.

The terrace is fairly large compared to the diminutive volume of the house and acts as an open extension of the main floor by using the same tiles as the living room. The terrace is partially covered by a visor shaped canopy, offering maximum light admission without impeding the dwellers’ view, and can serve as a gutter to drain water to the back side of the house on rainy days as well.

The inclined roof top rises, falls and rises again creating a peak and through shape that loosely articulates the inner and outer parts of the house, giving it an overall sense of unity.