WORKS / Now on Cheese♪

WORKS / Now on Cheese♪

主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: イシマル

クレジット: ブランディング・グラフィック:THAT’S ALL RIGHT/照明計画:遠藤照明 /イラスレーター:杉山真依子

所在・会場: 東京 新宿

延床面積: 17m2

設計期間: 2018.06-2018.10

施工期間: 2018.10-2018.11

写真: 長谷川健太


厳選したチーズを使用したスイーツを製造・販売する、「Now on Cheese♪」の内装計画。敷地はJR新宿駅南口改札とつながるルミネ新宿店 LUMINE2の風除室内で、交通量の多い特殊な環境の中、全国一号店としての存在感と、ブランドイメージを容易に認知できるようなキャッチーな店舗が求められた。



Principle use: SHOP

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Branding,Graphics:THAT’S ALL RIGHT/Lightings: ENDO-Lighting /Illustration: Maiko Sugiyama

Site area: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Total floor area: 17m2

Design period: 2018.06-2018.10

Construction period: 2018.10-2018.11

Photo: Kenta Hasegawa


We performed the interior design of “Now on Cheese♪”, which produces and sells sweets using carefully selected cheeses. The site is located within the windbreak chamber of Lumine Shinjuku's Lumine 2 that connects to the south entrance ticket gate of Shinjuku station. As the first store nationwide, deliverables included an eye-catching store that would have presence and an easily recognizable brand image.

We proposed a store space that would look just like an enlarged box of cheese cookies, their flagship product. The box illustration with its impressionistic drawing of a girl’s hair like melted cheese became a hanging partition wall that covers the entire store. Lighting fixtures in the ceiling were given unity by making them circular, and then embedding them inside holes that resemble Swiss cheese. Moreover, we made the interior stand out at night through the glass side facing Koshu Kaido Avenue by making only the graphic part of the girl’s hair translucent. Additionally, we used the pale blue base color of the box to give a sense of continuity to the walls, floor, counter and product shelves.

While small in size, we aimed for the store to become a brand icon through the easy-to-understand kind of graphics that seem to pop out right off the package.