主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: イシマル

クレジット: 照明設計:岡安泉照明設計事務所/音響設計・製作:WHITELIGHT SOUNDSYSTEM

所在・会場: 渋谷PARCO, 東京

延床面積: 222㎡

設計期間: 2018.10–2019.07

施工期間: 2019.07-08

写真: 阿野太一





Principle use: SHOP

Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Lighting design: Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design / Sound design and production: WHITELIGHT SOUNDSYSTEM

Building site: SHIBUYA PARCO, Tokyo

Total floor area: 222㎡

Design period: 2018.10–2019.07

Construction period: 2019.07-08

Photo: Daici Ano


NUBIAN, a multi-brand store that fuses domestic and overseas fashion and street culture to transmit new trends. Following the Harajuku store, we designed the interior for a new shop in the newly renovated Shibuya PARCO. Alongside the main flow line of customers, the 222 m2 space on the third floor of the building is required to be a shop with pop-up space for specific brands and a lot of products mainly displayed with hanger racks.

The facade of the shop contrasts the white the pop-up space, with the black-based floor and skeleton ceiling. The impressive facade welcomes visitors, and the slightly curved fixtures guide them to the rear of the shop. The suspended hanger racks draw curves like ripples from the ocean, inside the space; with a shop counter and the fitting rooms consisting of curved surfaces. Selected products suspended from hanger racks slightly obstruct views, enabling the unexpected connection between visitors and products. The products are neatly hung at 1.8 m height, and the grid luminaries on the ceiling are reflected on the floor made from gloss-finished tiles, giving a floating impression. The mirror images, reflected in the chromium-plating hunger pipes and the curved surfaces of the showcases, add a feeling of extraordinary space.

Volume and quantities of broader range products are the critical factors for the space configuration. We focused on shoppers’ experience encountering products in the physical store, in contrast with an increasing E-commerce presence.