WORKS / TORAFU ARCHITECTS 「ここをホッチキスでとめてください。」


主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: イシマル/伊千呂/石巻工房

クレジット: グラフィックデザイン: TAKAIYAMA

所在・会場: クリエイションギャラリーG8

延床面積: 120.01m2

設計期間: 2013.11-2014.01

施工期間: 2014.01.11-01.16

会期: 2014.01.17-02.23

写真: 吉次史成



Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Production: Ishimaru / Ichiro / Ishinomaki laboratory

Credit: Graphic design: TAKAIYAMA

Building site: CREATION GALLERY G8

Total floor area: 120.01m2

Design period: 2013.11-2014.01

Construction period: 2014.01.11-01.16

Duration: 2014.01.17-02.23

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu


PLEASE STAPLE HERE is a private exhibition by TORAFU ARCHITECTS held at CREATION GALLERY G8 in Ginza, Tokyo.
For this exhibition, instead of presenting a perfect end product, we wish to provide a space where one can experience the pleasure of the experimental creation process. A space where the perfect form does not exist enables one to think spontaneously one step at a time, by trial and error, or even take a step back when necessary. Our aim is to provide a venue where visitors can also join in on this experiment.
The poster for the exhibition can be made into a booklet by following folding instructions. Moreover, the title of the exhibition, "PLEASE STAPLE HERE", is a direct quote from the instructions included in the poster, which also appear throughout the venue prompting visitors to action. These actions may lead to results that are contrary to expectations, new discoveries, or a variety of outcomes for which there is no one right answer.
Through this full-scale experiment, which is inconceivable by the mind only, visitors to this exhibition can experience the world according to their own outlook. Our aim is to enable them to have a realistic experience of the space of creation by making explicit the thought process of creation as it takes place and directly conveying it to the receiver.