WORKS / リーガロイヤルホテル広島 エグゼクティブフロア、3Fロビー

WORKS / RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima Exective Floor, 3F lobby

主要用途: ホテル

施工: 乃村工藝社、川島織物セルコン

クレジット: プロデューサー:左居穣/照明計画: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN

所在・会場: 広島,リーガロイヤルホテル広島

延床面積: 客室38部屋、3Fロビー1226m2

設計期間: 2019.09-2019.12

施工期間: 2019.12-2020.2

写真: 阿野太一






Principle use: HOTEL

Credit: Producer:Minoru Sako / Lighting:BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN

Site area: Hiroshima, RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima

Total floor area: 38rooms / 3Flobby:1226m2

Design period: 2019.09-2019.12

Construction period: 2019.12-2020.2

Production period: NOMURA, Kawashima Selkon Textiles

Photo: Daici Ano


The remodeling plan for the Executive Floor and the lobby on the third floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima, which celebrates its 65th anniversary. The hotel is the landmark located in the center of Hiroshima city, and provides panoramic views of Hiroshima Castle, Seto Inland Sea and the city of Hiroshima from the guest rooms on the upper floors.

For the renovation of the guest rooms on the Executive Floor, the wooden frame hems around the large scenic window installed in each room, making it a picture window. The sofa bench integrated into the wooden frame creates a casual relaxing place to sit down via a combination of the bench with a low table and the floor lamp. As if the window invites the carpet, the floor carpet extends itself toward the window and stands up under the sofa bench to receive the light of the soft indirect lighting.

The lobby floor on the third floor is re-covered with the carpet whose design is based on a vermilion color seen in Hiroshima characteristics such as the lacquer technique and carps. The design motif of the carpet is inspired from rhombus pieces found in the lighting in the lobby on the first floor, that were inherited since its establishment and were designed by the sculptor, Minami Tada. The simple pattern consisting only of intercrossing lines provides a difference to the space through line density.

By maximizing the benefits of the local features, location and architectural characteristics, our design redefined the hotel’s identity and updated the accommodation experience for visitors.