WORKS / リーガロイヤルホテル エグゼクティブラウンジ

WORKS / The Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka Executive Lounge

主要用途: ホテル

施工: 乃村工藝社


所在・会場: 大阪,リーガロイヤルホテル

延床面積: 428m2

設計期間: 2019.8-2019.12

施工期間: 2020.1-2020.3

写真: 阿野太一





Principle use: HOTEL

Production: NOMURA

Credit: Producer : Minoru Sako / Lighting design: BRANCH LIGHTING DESIGN / Book selection: YOURS BOOK STORE

Site area: Osaka, The Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka

Total floor area: 428m2

Design period: 2019.8-2019.12

Construction period: 2020.1-2020.3

Photo: Daici Ano


The renovation plan for the exclusive lounge “The Presidential Towers” on the 23rd Executive Floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. Following our remodeling of the main lobby in 2019, we renovated the exclusive lounge, reflecting the redefinition of the hotel design by architect, Isoya Yoshida, which we dug up like a “Treasure Hunt”.

At the entrance, the pillars, that are made of brassware with rabbitear irises motifs shared with the exterior of the hotel, welcome visitors. The pattern of the floor carpet is adopted from an enlarged pattern of gold lacquer on the pillars, which was re-discovered again after remodeling the main lobby on the first floor. The original pattern with a bird motif inspired by textiles in Heian era (approx. 1200 years ago) guides visitors to the rear of the thin-rectangular space. The significant design of the floor is highlighted by unified colors of walls and ceiling of gray and black furniture, as well as lower tone of colors on the other elements except the floor.
The wall bracket lightings on the pillars at the window side add the classic and signature impression of the RHIGA Royal hotel to the space, while the black mirror on the rear of the room reflects the scene, letting people feel it has depth and is spacious. Engraved with counter-relief of rabbitear irises, the existing coved ceiling is used as indirect lighting. The library function added to the lounge contributes to a relaxing feel there.

In order to differentiate the RHIGA Royal Hotel with its 85-year-long history from other newly constructed or renovated hotels in the area, we proposed the classical modern style through redefinition and creating new aspects of traditional motifs. From the main lobby on the first floor to the exclusive lounge on the 23rd floor, these spaces have a shared story. The renovation was aimed to make a space which was interwoven with the hotel’s specific story, that people would like to talk about.