WORKS / 関ヶ原石材 Strad. Stone Gallery

WORKS / SEKIGAHARA Strad. Stone Gallery

主要用途: ショールーム

施工: TSUCHIYA、関ケ原石材

クレジット: ブランディング・グラフィック : THAT’S ALL LIGHT.

所在・会場: 岐阜 関ケ原

延床面積: 909㎡

設計期間: 2021.02-2022.05

施工期間: 2022.05-2022.09

写真: 阿野太一






Principle use: SHOWROOM


Credit: Branding, Graphics : THAT’S ALL LIGHT.

Building site: Sekigahara, Gifu

Total floor area: 909㎡

Design period: 2021.02-2022.05

Construction period: 2022.05-2022.09

Photo: Daici Ano


We worked on a new showroom plan for a long-established stone material manufacturer, SEKISTONE, with a vast site in Sekigahara, Gifu Prefecture. The company established a new brand of a collection of natural stone procured independently from all over the world, “Strad.”

The showroom is an exclusive gallery where the brand's stone materials are available. This gallery, which was created by renovating an existing factory that still had an original crane for transportation, has a total area of 909 square meters and a space that can display 72 types of natural stone slabs. At the front of the gallery, visitors are welcomed by a gate made up of hewn blocks of stones, which is inspired by the huge stones piled up on the site. Once they go through the gate, they find a vast space where they can appreciate natural stones, with a variety of expressions, like artworks. The composition is designed to evoke the process of processing raw stone into product, from a gate made of hewn stone blocks, a monument with only one side polished to a mirror surface, through a gallery of processed original slabs. While the strength and simplicity of the untreated gemstones can be felt, there is a contrast with the variety of expressions created by the processing. The stacked slabs give a strong presence floating fantastically on the façade made of FRP and glass. The gallery is directly connected to the processing factory so that it enables one-stop services from material procurement to processing and construction. In addition, the entrance of the gallery is a space that is updated regularly. In the area, the first exhibition theme is "Traveler," where you can enjoy the collection evoking the scenery of the travel destination.

We aimed to create a space where you can feel the presence of natural stone as a material that has been formed over the long period since prehistoric times.