WORKS / 渋谷西武モヴィーダ館/LOFT&

WORKS / Shibuya Seibu Movida Annex / LOFT&

主要用途: 物販店舗

設備設計: アイング(照明)

施工: BPA/E&Y/アイング/東洋織物/岡村製作所/乃村工藝社

クレジット: トータルディレクション・サイン計画: 廣村正彰+HDO(廣村デザイン事務所)

所在・会場: 東京 渋谷

延床面積: LOFT& 634㎡/モヴィーダ館共用部 496㎡

設計期間: 2013.08-10

施工期間: 2013.10-11

写真: 阿野太一

フロアに点在する平置きの陳列什器は、カラーMDFを2色サンドしたカラフルな天板と、石巻工房の「AA ハイスツール」を脚として組み合わせたもの。2色の天板はリバーシブルで、並べられる商品にあわせて色を反転させて使うことができる。 陳列什器自体も販売対象となることで、フロアの新陳代謝が起こり、常に表情を変える動的な店舗を目指している。

Principle use: SHOP

Facility design: Iing (Lightings)

Production: BPA/E&Y/Iing /TOYO orimono/Okamura Corporation/NOMURA

Credit: Total direction・Sign design: Masaaki Hiromura +HDO(Hiromura Design Office)

Building site: Shibuya Tokyo

Total floor area: LOFT& 634㎡/Movida Public area 496㎡

Design period: 2013.08-10

Construction period: 2013.10-11

Photo: Daici Ano

During the renovation of the Shibuya Seibu Movida Annex, we renovated the public area and performed the interior design for Loft's new offshoot store "LOFT&" (Loft And) that will be opened on floors 6 and 7. The first floor of LOFT& showcases a variety of outdoor products designed for a "natural lifestyle", while the second floor houses a collaborative space to engage with creators, an event space and a digital workshop, etc. Inspired by the store's concept, we strived to create an environment centered on creative product development that is constantly changing and has a feeling of immediacy, such as one can find on a factory floor. We also sought to capitalize on the expressivity of the existing building's frame by placing signs directly on the building frame face to give the space an unfinished appearance. This theme is also expressed in product display with the use of multi-purpose steel fixtures and two-part display shelves made of legs and tabletops that are separable. The flat display shelves scattered across the floor are made by pressing two MDF boards of different color together and combining the resulting colorful tabletop with "AA High Stools" by Ishinomaki Laboratory. These tabletops are thus reversible and their colors can be alternated to match the products on display. Furthermore, by placing the display shelves up for sale and allowing the new to replace the old, we aim to create a dynamic store that is constantly being renewed. The facade of the store, consisting of setback surfaces from the existing wall, greatly emphasizes the entrance with colors and functions as a gate that draws pedestrians in. While the cemented excelsior boards in the escalator area bring unity to the whole annex, the displays and signs provide plenty of variety by reflecting the character specific to each floor.