WORKS / Sony Building “Crystal Aqua Trees”2012

WORKS / Sony Building "Crystal Aqua Trees"2012

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: 乃村工藝社

クレジット: 企画・制作:Sony PCL Inc./映像・インタラクティブ演出・サウンド:WOW/テクニカルディレクション:LUFTZUG

所在・会場: 東京 銀座 ソニービル 屋外イベントスペース 「ソニースクエア」

延床面積: 約26m2

設計期間: 2012.09 - 11

施工期間: 2012.11.29 - 12.02

会期: 2012.12.03 - 2013.01.14

写真: 阿野太一



泉というキーワードから発想を得た、水しぶきのようにもクリスマスツリーのようにも見えるクリスタルのオブジェCrystal Aqua Treesは、移り行く街の景色や人の行為に反応して様々に表情を変え、美しい光と音を奏でる。センサーカメラによって、通行人の動きに反応して、LED光源の光の柱が色を変えたり、明滅する仕組みとなっている。スクエア前面に設置されたクリスタルの募金箱にコインを投入すると、それに呼応するようにオブジェが応答して特別な演出に切り替わる。


Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE


Credit: Planning・Production: Sony PCL Inc. / Image・Interactive production・Sound: WOW / Technical Direction: LUFTZUG

Building site: Ginza Tokyo Sonybuilding Event Space "SonySquare"

Total floor area: 26m2

Design period: 2012.09 - 11

Construction period: 2012.11.29 - 12.02

Duration: 2012.12.03 - 2013.01.14

Photo: Daici Ano


We designed the illumination installed in Sony Square, the Sony Building’s outdoor event space. Inspired by the Trevi fountain in Rome, the “Ai no Izumi” (Fountain of Love) charity drive has been held by Sony every year since 1968. For this edition, we proposed a new embodiment as an interactive installation.

The Crystal Aqua Trees is a crystal work of art inspired by the concept of a fountain that can be seen as a spray of water as well as a Christmas tree. In response to changes in the landscape of the street and the actions of people, the illumination will play beautiful music in harmony with a gorgeous light display. The movement of people is picked up by a sensor camera, which prompts the pillars of light illuminated by LEDs to change colors to create a glimmering structure. Whenever coins are deposited in the crystal donation box placed in front of the square, the installation responds by switching to a special performance, as if acknowledging the contributions made.

Like water in a fountain, the polished black floor surface of the stage reflects the illumination, creating a wonderful scene in the middle of the streets of Ginza.