WORKS / 宇宙の展望台

WORKS / Space Observatory

主要用途: 宇宙展望台

クレジット: イラスト: 横山裕一

所在・会場: 宇宙

設計期間: 2008.04


Principle use: Space Observatory

Credit: Illust: Yuichi Yokoyama

Building site: Space

Design period: 2008.04

This proposal involves connecting ground space with cosmic space. The Space Observatory is a construction located closest to space, while being a satellite located closest to the ground. By locating the Space Observatory precisely at the point of where the edges of gravitational force and centrifugal force meet, it would float like a satellite in space and yet can be seen from anywhere on earth. There you will be able to gradually experience zero gravity and observe views of both the blue sky and the dark space.