WORKS / 寺田倉庫オフィス

WORKS / Terrada Warehouse Office

主要用途: オフィス

設備設計: 遠藤照明(照明)

施工: イシマル/E&Y/内田洋行/タウンサービス

クレジット: グラフィック:TAKAIYAMA inc./ファブリック:安東陽子/植栽:小路苑

所在・会場: 東京 品川

延床面積: 530m2

設計期間: 2012.04-05

施工期間: 2012.05-06

写真: 阿野太一





Principle use: OFFICE

Production: Ishimaru / E&Y / UCHIDA YOKO CO., LTD. / TOWNSERVICE

Credit: Graphic design: TAKAIYAMA inc./ Fabric design: Yoko Ando / Office plants: kojien

Building site: Shinagawa Tokyo

Total floor area: 530m2

Design period: 2012.04-05

Construction period: 2012.05-06

Photo: Daici Ano

We were tasked with planning the moving of Terrada Warehouse Company’s headquarters into an office that would bring all the employees to share the same space that makes creating the best environment for communication possible. As part of a new managerial experiment, a paperless mode of functioning was introduced in the office, and desk places are no longer assigned.

Personal lockers to store one’s single cardboard box worth of belongings and a larch plywood stage have been placed in the center of the space. The stage creates a natural line of flow that runs from the main entrance, through the lockers and to the workspace. It also functions as a salon space where information can be exchanged between employees due to its proximity to each desk.

The non-territorial office offers variety in workspaces, such as an eleven-meter-long desk, mobile desks like those found in elementary schools, a high counter by the window with view to the canal or a soundproof space behind perforated boards, in which employees can enjoy working according to their mood.

Using empty space creatively echoes the company’s spirit embodied in their motto “Creating Space.”

Looking back from the workspace, the company name represented as a graphic signature spans the totality of the entrance wall, bringing all employees working in each space together.