主要用途: プロダクト(プロトタイプ)

製作: 丹青社

素材: フィンランドバーチ合板/ホワイトシカモア無垢材

サイズ: アームチェア:W428×D400×H684×SH420/ラウンジチェア:W468×D475×H538 ×SH250

設計期間: 2019.04-06

製作期間: 2019.06

写真: 尾鷲陽介/丹青社






Principle use: PRODUCT (prototype)

Production: TANSEISHA

Material: Finnish Birch plywood / White sycamore

Size: Armchair:W428×D400×H684×SH420 / Lounge chair:W468×D475×H538×SH250

Design period: 2019.04-2019.06

Production period: 2019.06

Photo: Yosuke Owashi / TANSEISHA

This compact and comfortable wooden chair, Arm chair and Lounge chair, were created utilizing woodworking craftsmanship.

We considered the dimensions necessary for comfort. When we trimmed the unnecessary parts as a structure from the four plywood plates supporting the body, a simple shape consisting of only thin face material and axes came out.

Each of the four plywood plates created a backrest, a seat, and an elbow rest. The elbow rest supports the backrest and the seat. The four legs inside the elbow rest prevent the plywood from warping and wobbliness, so Arm chair and Lounge chair could have this stability.

Invisible joining is composed of the minimal materials, Finnish birch plywood of 9 mm thick and φ40 mm semicircular leg. In particular, the length of the joint of the backrest is 52 mm at the minimum. In addition, the warped and bent wood is adjusted one by one by the hand of a craftsman, and so it fit snugly when assembled.

Arm chairs and lounge chairs have two different characters and look like brothers.