主要用途: オフィス

施工: 丹青TDC

クレジット: 共同設計: 藤森泰司アトリエ/家具製作: イノウエインダストリィズ

所在・会場: 東京 恵比寿

延床面積: 384m2

設計期間: 2008.10-11

施工期間: 2008.12-2009.01

写真: 大森有起


Principle use: OFFICE

Production: TANSEI TDC

Credit: Design collaboration: TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER / Furniture manufacture: INOUE INDUSTRIES

Building site: Ebisu Tokyo

Total floor area: 384m2

Design period: 2008.10-11

Construction period: 2008.12-2009.01

Photo: Yuki Ohmori

This is an interior designing project for four individual corporate offices that share a floor of an existing building. There have to be executive offices for each company in proportion to the scale of its business, and a communal entrance lobby and three separate conference rooms. The executive offices are partitioned by piled-up sectional furniture that can be easily taken down and reused after relocation. We aimed to bring out slight differences in every place as well as uniformity of the four enterprises. So we provided texture differences here and there in the whole white-themed space, according to intended purposes of the objects. The differences of texture give subtle ambiguities. Every object gives low-key presentation of itself in the whole space that goes all white. Furniture made of white OSB, melamine-coated white tables, white wall made of wood wool cement boards, white vinyl chloride sheet flooring, whiteboards, corporate signs on white canvases… Subtle differences in the all-white world give richness and depth as can be felt in abstract paintings to the whole space.