WORKS / 銭金アート


主要用途: 銭金 ステーションID

所在・会場: 銭形金太郎 tv asahi

延床面積: 0.009m2

設計期間: 2005.09-10

施工期間: 2005.09




Building site: Zenigata Kintaro TV asahi

Total floor area: 0.009m2

Design period: 2005.09-10

Construction period: 2005.09

We worked on a 3-second station ID (which is aired between CM and the program) for a TV program titled "Zenigata Kintaro." (It is an entertainment program which features people living humble but merry and amusing lives.) This video image must identify what the program is like and make an impression in a very short time. So we presented a house that is nice on the exterior but flimsy in reality. When you visit this house and try to grab the knob and open the door, the whole wall opens. Like when you open a lunchbox sometimes you find grains of rice sticking to the lid, the whole wall opens with a part of the table and a part of the staircase sticking to it. Although this video is a very short one, the model of the house is designed in detail. We also worked on another version of it, which shows people scrambling for the toilet.