WORKS / 三井住友銀行 梅田支店

WORKS / Sumitomo Mitsui Bank – Umeda Branch

施工: 東西建築サービス

クレジット: 企画・総合プロデュース:大広/家具・什器:藤森泰司アトリエ

所在・会場: 大阪 梅田

延床面積: 店舗1069m2 / ATM218m2

設計期間: 2011.04-2012.07

施工期間: 2012.05-10

写真: 阿野太一




店舗から少し離れたATMコーナーは、コンコースから象徴的に見えるよう、店内に光柱を林立させる計画とした。この光柱は行列を制御するポールパーティションの機能を兼ねている。パーティションやサインなど、ATMコーナーに不可欠な機能を建築的な要素として取り込み、一体的に扱うことで洗練された印象の空間とした。 今回のリニューアルにより、三井住友銀行の新しい店舗展開を見据えた拠点となることを目指した。

Production: Tozai Kenchiku Service Co., Ltd.

Credit: Planning: DAIKO / Furniture design: TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER

Building site: Umeda Osaka

Total floor area: Shop: 1069m2 / ATM: 218m2

Design period: 2011.04-2012.07

Construction period: 2012.05-10

Photo: Daici Ano

We performed the interior design of Sumitomo Mitsui Bank’s Umeda Branch and ATM corner as part of the renovation of the Hankyu Umeda station concourse.

The Umeda Branch is found in a location connecting the Hankyu Umeda station and the JR Osaka station that boasts the most traffic in Western Japan and plays the role of a flagship store at the center of Osaka. We were tasked with giving the branch having a relaxed atmosphere at such a busy location. On one hand, the design called to position the ATM corner located within the concourse as a symbolic space for the communication of information that would also become a rendezvous area.

The branch assumes a spatial structure enclosed by gently curved walls that will seamlessly guide the customer to the first floor consulting-centered area and the commuter to the basement area alike. The accessible counter area with a relatively short staying time and the relaxed consulting area at the end were obtained by giving depth to the space delimited by the meandering curved walls of the area on the first floor. Private consultation booths are interspersed by slightly modulating colors. The sofas and benches in the rendezvous area are unified by the color black, but their characteristic shape obtained by shifting the top and bottom diagonally gives them the personality of an artwork found in a living room.

The design also aligns light pillars inside the ATM corner, which is a little removed from the branch, to be seen symbolically from the concourse. These light pillars also function as pole partitions that control the lines of customers. We created a space with a refined impression by including and handling integrally functions essential to an ATM corner, such as partitions and signs, as architectural elements. Through the renovations, we strived to set this branch as the starting point of Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank’s expansion.