WORKS / Exhibition “10 Japanese designers in koloro-desk”

WORKS / Exhibition "10 Japanese designers in koloro-desk"

所在・会場: イタリア、ミラノ

会期: 2013.04.09-13

写真: 太田拓実

2013年のミラノサローネにて開催された展示会、”東京物産展「10 Japanese Designers in koloro-desk」” の会場構成を担当した。コロロデスクを展示什器として使い、10組の若手デザイナーによる作品とそのインスピレーションの源や書籍・写真などを見せる計画とした。



Building site: Milan, Italy

Duration: 2013.04.09-13

Photo: Takumi Ota

We organized the space of exhibition, “TOKYO BUSSANTEN: 10 Japanese designers in koloro-desk” during Milano Salone 2013 in Italy.
In the installation, we used “koloro-desk” as a furniture in which 10 young designers can show their work, source of inspiration, books, and freely placing things like pictures.

“koloro-desk / koloro-stool” was aimed to generate a new relationship between furniture and the everyday life. Since “koloro-desk” is similar to a small room in which one can create their own space, these 10 designers have freely styled each desk expressing their own unique world where one can go and take a peek into these miniature landscapes. The shape of the desk designed to boost the colorful decorative boards and the “airvase” floated softly from the tall ceiling offer a glamorous touch to the exhibition venue located at the underground space.

We sought to design the exhibition space where the relationship between people and things is expressed more amusing and rich through the products “koloro-desk / koloro-stool”, “airvase”, together with the collaboration of 10 designers who interpret their own process and personality.