WORKS / 3M store

WORKS / 3M store

主要用途: 物販店舗/ショールーム

設備設計: 岡安泉照明設計事務所(照明計画)

施工: イシマル/和光/アサイマーキングシステム

クレジット: 企画・総合プロデュース・コンテンツ企画制作:B2エンジン/アートワーク:黒田 潔

所在・会場: 東京 表参道

延床面積: 236.8m2

設計期間: 2010.04-08

施工期間: 2010.06-08

写真: 阿野太一 




2Fは、膨大な量の3M製品を陳列する売り場となっている。その物量をストックも含めて見せることで、同社が扱う圧倒的な商品の点数と物量をアピールできると考えた。円柱型の什器に陳列された商品群が光沢のある白い空間に、木々のように点在する。環状に陳列される商品は、層ごとに同種となっており、それを積層することで商品そのものが各円柱を形作り、パッケージの色の帯だけが空間の中で映える。 白い空間の中に3Mの素材や商品そのものが彩りを与え浮かび上がって見えてくる。

Principle use: SHOP / SHOWROOM

Production: Ishimaru / WAKO / Asai Marking System

Credit: Produce and Contents creation: B2engine/ Graphic design: Kiyoshi Kuroda

Building site: Omotesando Tokyo

Total floor area: 236.8m2

Design period: 2010.04-08

Construction period: 2010.06-08

Photo: Daici Ano


The maker of the Post-it Notes and DI-NOC Film sheets, 3M, opened its first concept store in Omotesando, Tokyo for a limited time. The interior of the 3M store feels like a walk-in catalog almost entirely made using 3M materials and goods to further promote awareness of the brand’s product line-up known for its variety and technical innovations.

The 1st floor features an Exhibition Area showcasing practical applications of 3M products and a custom order corner called the Meister Area. Customers walk into the store on a tile floor made with cleverly posed DI-NOC film sheets. The granite-like tiles at the entrance, inspired by Omotesando’s distinctive pavement pattern, gradually turn into a multicolored surface as visitors move to the back of the store. The checkered pattern then scatters onto the columns and walls, making its way up to the ceiling where it blends with the suspended lights, mitigating the bareness of beams and pillars in the overhead space.

The 2nd floor offers a massive selection of 3M products for sale on circular display shelves. All items in stock are put forward in this fashion at once to convey the overwhelming variety and quantity of products made by 3M. Well garnished layers of colorful packages dress up the core of these tree-like structures, creating an array of products that stand out in the brilliant white light.

Contrasting against the white background, 3M's colorful products look floating in the white space.