WORKS / イソップ ニュウマン新宿店

WORKS / Aesop NEWoMan Shinjuku

主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: アンドエス

クレジット: グラフィック:Aesop/照明:大光電機

所在・会場: 東京 ニュウマン新宿店

延床面積: 45.68m2

設計期間: 2015.04-2015.12

施工期間: 2015.12-2016.01

写真: 太田拓実





Principle use: SHOP

Production: &S

Credit: Graphics: Aesop / Lightings:DAIKO

Building site: NEWoMan Shinjuku, Tokyo

Total floor area: 45.68m2

Design period: 2015.04-2015.12

Construction period: 2015.12-2016.01

Photo: Takumi Ota


We performed the interior design for a store by Aesop, an Australian skin care brand, located in NEWoMan Shinjuku. With its 4.9m width and 9.2m depth square plane, the project area offers a space surrounded by passageways with two pillars at either end of the space.

In order to independent the wall-less space visually, we proposed to use limestone as a main material, which has a presence. This pale, tactile material is used for flooring, pillars and fixtures, which appear to be sculpted from a single mass. The joints are set in a three-dimensional grid, framing the 108 pieces of limestone in an exacting manner. A large sink unit is combined with a pillar that provides tiered display shelving; the limestone’s subtle hues are contrasted by Aesop’s amber containers.

Even located within a busy mall where many people come by, we sought to create a store that emphasize Aesop's brand image using stone which is stately material.