WORKS / 「空気の器」 Exhibition in Istanbul

WORKS / "airvase" Exhibition in Istanbul

主要用途: 展示会場構成

所在・会場: トルコ・イスタンブール

設計期間: 2011.05-06

施工期間: 2011.06

会期: 2011.06.07-28

トルコ・イスタンブールにあるインテリア雑貨や家具を取扱うギャラリー兼ショップ「 Haaz Art & Design Gallery」にて行った空気の器の展示。様々な色や柄の約250個の空気の器が宙を舞い、軽やかに空間を彩る。壁面には空気の器を紹介する大小のパネルを、展示テーブルの周りで回遊しているように配置した。そして大きなガラスファサードには、空気の器をモチーフにしたドローイングを描き、室内の展示風景と重ね合わせた。

Principle use: EXHIBITION SITE

Building site: Istanbul , Turkey

Design period: 2011.05-06

Construction period: 2011.06

Duration: 2011.06.07-28

An airvase exhibition was held at " HAAZ Art & Design Gallery '', a gallery and shop with a selection of interior goods and furniture located in Istanbul, Turkey. Fluttering in mid-air were around 250 vases of various colours and patterns, lightly adding colour to the exhibition space. Panels telling the airvase story were arranged on the walls around the main exhibition table, while an airvase motif was hand drawn on the large glass facade, superimposing itself onto the interior scene.