主要用途: プロダクト

製作: カリモク

クレジット: 家具協同設計:藤森泰司アトリエ

素材: オーク/スチール

サイズ: W1600 × D800 × H1050-1700/DH650-1300mm

設計期間: 2018.05-07

製作期間: 2018.07

写真: 小川真輝/トラフ建築設計事務所



Principle use: PRODUCT

Production: Karimoku

Credit: Furniture Design: TAIJI FUJIMORI ATELIER

Material: oak / steel

Size: W1600 × D800 × H1050-1700 / DH650-1300mm

Design period: 2018.05-07

Production period: 2018.07

Photo: Masaki Ogawa / TORAFU ARCHITECTS


A proposal of a desk with a wooden texture and tactile features, which can provide color to the office space where there is a mostly functional emphasis on products with an inorganic look. It helps to direct focus and build concentration. It is somewhere between room and desk; a semi-open working space made by the separation of two panels, sides, and the back. It aims to create a new office scene though the different heights of multiple desks aligning together.