WORKS / ブーリアン (東京大学医学部教育研究棟 鉄門カフェ)

(Tokyo University Tetsumon Cafe)

主要用途: カフェコーナー

設備設計: マックスレイ (照明)

施工: イノウエインダストリィズ

所在・会場: 東京大学医学部教育研究棟1階

延床面積: 48m2

設計期間: 2006.06-2007.01

施工期間: 2007.02-03

写真: 阿野太一


もともと、一角に自動販売機が置かれただけであった待合スペースは、石張りの床、壁やステンレスのガラスサッシなど、硬質な材料に覆われている。その硬質な空間に対し、既存の床、壁からオフセットさせた木製のふたつのL形オブジェクトを向きを変えて配置し、ひとつは大きなパーティション、もうひ とつはベンチとなるよう計画した。



Principle use: CAFE

Facility design: MAXRAY (Lightings)



Total floor area: 48m2

Design period: 2006.06-2007.01

Construction period: 2007.02-03

Photo: Daici Ano

This is an interior designing project for a cafe space located at the side of the entrance of Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Building in the University of Tokyo.

At first the place was just a waiting room with a vending machine and was covered with hard materials, such as stone flooring, walls, and stainless window sash. In order to offset the feeling of such hard materials, we used two L-shaped wooden objects placed in a different orientation, one to be a partition wall, and the other for a bench.

Imagining variously-sized spheres floating around in three-dimensional space, we cut circles out of the partition wall and bench as if the floating spheres burst and made holes on contact with them. People can see the surrounding scenery through the holes on the partition wall and hang out with other people sitting on the bench.

Holes overlapping each other make the place feel more open as if there were floating spheres passing through the wall and ceiling, and framed scenery through the hole provides people a new perspective from which to view everyday life.