主要用途: 物販店舗

所在・会場: 東京 青山

設計期間: 2008.10-11





Principle use: SHOP

Building site: Aoyama Tokyo

Design period: 2008.10-11

The object like ore is inserted in a concrete building frame in the Diesel gallery.

This object inserted in the 1.5th floor becomes common consecutive existence through the open ceiling , functionally, the shop of the first floor that tends to be divided into parts and the gallery of the second floor spatially. The movement of the glance is pressed because only a part is seen like seeing the tip of the iceberg for the one in the inside of a store, and the spatial extension of each floor not concluded is given.

As for this variegated expression object that looks like the crystal and the house, etc. , the vinyl chloride pipe keeps, piles up a constant direction like the fiber, and is made. It begins to make a mysterious screen that seems to be transparent when the accumulation of the minute innumerable hole converts scenery on the outside into sets of innumerable images, and it views it from the front. And, the light in the inside of a store begins to leak outside oppositely, and it begins to shine like the crystal when becoming time of the sunset.

It proposes the space with the polyhedron that allows various how to see it and functions according to the place and the distance feeling from multipronged images of the Diesel with violently and the delicacy at the same time.