WORKS / ドールハウスチェア

WORKS / dollhouse chair

主要用途: プロダクト

製造・販売: 伊千呂

クレジット: デザイン: トラフ建築設計事務所(鈴野浩一, アリシア・ストシジンスカ)/スタイリング: 作原文子

素材: 白樺合板

サイズ: ドールハウス: W710×D185×H540/チェア: W365×D355×H540 / SH360

設計期間: 2014.09 - 2014.10

製作期間: 2014.09 - 2014.10

写真: 伊藤彰浩



Principle use: PRODUCT

Manufacturer: Ichiro

Credit: Design: TORAFU ARCHITECTS (Koichi Suzuno, Alicja Strzyżyńska) / Styling: Fumiko Sakuhara

Material: White birch plywood

Size: dollhouse: W710×D185×H540 / chair: W365×D355×H540 / SH360

Design period: 2014.09 - 2014.10

Production period: 2014.09 - 2014.10

Photo: Akihiro Ito


We designed a chair for kids, which can be used as a dollhouse and storage. When split apart down the middle, the chair reveals the shape of a house with a red gable roof. Kids can play dollhouse with their toys and stow them away with other small objects by shutting the chair close once playtime is over. These three distinct functions make the dollhouse chair a very original and versatile piece of furniture.