WORKS / DUNLOP “Questions & Answers” SUMMER

WORKS / DUNLOP "Questions & Answers" SUMMER

主要用途: テレビCM

施工: イシマル

クレジット: クリエーティブエイジェンシー:風とロック、すき あいたい ヤバい/エージェンシー:アサツー ディ・ケイ/制作:TYO、TYOプロダクションズ2MIKADO/映像投影:aircord

所在・会場: DUNLOP 2013 夏タイヤ CM

サイズ: W4200×D4200×H4200mm

設計期間: 2012.12-2013.02

施工期間: 2013.01.29-30

写真: トラフ建築設計事務所



CMの内容は"Qustions & Answers"をテーマに俳優がナレーターの質問にアドリブで答えていくというもの。映像の演出として、プロジェクションマッピングを用い、その映像を映すスクリーンのデザインを求められた。



Principle use: TVCM

Production: Ishimaru

Credit: Agency: Creative agency: KAZETOROCK, sukiaitaiyabai / ASATSU-DK / Production: TYO Productions 2 MIKADO / Projection: aircord

Building site: DUNLOP 2013 CM

Size: W4200×D4200×H4200mm

Design period: 2012.12-2013.02

Construction period: 2013.01.29-30



We collaborated on a shooting set used in a TV commercial for Dunlop Tyres. The commercial follows the format of a Q&A in which an actor answers questions on the spot. We were tasked with designing a screen on which images are projected using projection mapping.

We placed a 4.2m2 cubic structure at the center of the studio and projected images on all of its surfaces, thus creating a steric screen. There, the actor answers the narrator’s questions while freely moving about the cubic structure. The interior of the cubic structure is made of 700mm2 basic units, and by creating a relief structure we envisioned a space that would elicit a variety of actions, such as walking, sitting, climbing or lying down.

We sought to completely change the perception of familiar sceneries by projecting images of beautiful land and cityscapes onto white inorganic structures in an immersive environment.