WORKS / DWJ Office

WORKS / DWJ Office

主要用途: オフィス

設備設計: マックスレイ(照明)

施工: 旭ビルウォール

クレジット: プロジェクトマネ-ジメント: インターアームリミテッド

所在・会場: 東京 中目黒

延床面積: 962.4m2

設計期間: 2007.09-11

施工期間: 2007.11-12

写真: 阿野太一





Principle use: OFFICE

Facility design: MAXRAY (Lightings)


Credit: Project management: INTERARM

Building site: Nakameguro Tokyo

Total floor area: 962.4m2

Design period: 2007.09-11

Construction period: 2007.11-12

Photo: Daici Ano

This project is interior designing for Danone Waters of Japan, who imports, distributes and sells such bottled mineral water products as Volvic and Evian. They have workspace for approximately 30 employees and 8 conference rooms in altogether 962 square meters of the estate. The conference room should be expansive while the sound and the view are obscured, and it should somewhat represent water. Inspired by the refracted vision we see through water, we proposed a room which is as water-clear and transparent as to make us feel the depth and at the same time is visually partitioned by the refraction.

Each partition is made of a thousand glass tubes (5mm thick, 60mm across) and represents a shape of a big water drop. Bristling tubes refract the view of the other side and serve as the partition of the conference room. Light permeates the glass, the scenery is reflected on the surface and the image is distorted. All of that can be felt like wavering of water. Silicone gaskets are inserted between neighboring glass tubes to block sound.

In order to boost a feeling of wavering water, we colored the carpet to mismatch the line the partition draws on the floor. We also painted the ceiling delicately in order to make it look as if the color of the floor were reflected on it. The distorted shapes of the openings of the utility space located in the center of the whole workspace make us feel as if we ourselves were wavering in the water. The display at the entrance is formed to look like a water drop dripping down from the big cylinder of the glass tubes.

The wavering scenery through the glass tubes may make the workers feel the transition of time. We hoped that the wavering, clearness and fluidity that water represents would be introduced to this workspace where they deal in water.