WORKS / おいでよ!絵本ミュージアム 2019

WORKS / Welcome to Picture Book Museum 2019

主要用途: 展示会場構成

施工: ハダ工芸社、旭紙業、かみの工作所、三和化工、サンマート

クレジット: 主催: 福岡アジア美術館、西日本新聞社、TNCテレビ西日本、子ども文化コミュニティ

所在・会場: 福岡 博多

延床面積: 892m2

設計期間: 2019.03-2019.07

施工期間: 2019.07

会期: 2019.07.18- 2019.08.18

写真: 吉次史成、高宮絵美、d_l_b



本展では7人の絵本作家の絵本を取り上げ、それぞれの絵本の世界に入り込むような展示を作り上げた。 エントランスから始まる「ぼくだよぼくだよ」は、激しい動きのある絵が特徴で、半透明のゴム製の幕に絵本のページを印刷して天井から吊るし、その大きな絵を潜り抜けることで絵本の世界へ誘うように会場内に導く。「みんなのトンネル」では、子供のおばけごっこを思わせる白いトンネルを作り、そこに映像を投影して絵本の世界を作り上げる。「もこ もこもこ」のソファは、ポリエチレン発泡体の素材生成の際に出る端材をカットしたものを束ねるだけで作った。「雨、あめ」のコーナーに展示された、「Water pocket」は、実際の水滴にプロジェクターの光を当てて、人が入るとその足元に水の波紋が落ちる。 また、会期後は資源になり、本というプロダクトとも親和性のある段ボールを什器や展示物に多用している。


Principle use: Exhibition

Credit: Organized by :The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, The Nishinippon Shimbun, Television Nishinippon Corporation, Communi-ty of the Culture with and for Children
Interactive work:plaplax, Direction of Cardboard fixtures:, Graphics:aoirodesign, Models: Takamasa Sumi

Site area: Hakata,Fukuoka

Total floor area: 892m2

Design period: 2019.03-2019.07

Construction period: 2019.07

Duration: 2019.07.18-2019.08.18

Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu,Emi Takamiya, d_l_b


We designed the venue for "Welcome to Picture Book Museum 2019” held at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. This exhibition is held each year during the summer break period, and besides exhibits that feature several picture books, the exhibition also consists of a library within the venue where 1,000 picture books are available to read. For the 13th edition this year, we collaborated with plaplax, whose activities center on the production of interactive works, and created a venue layout that allows visitors to enjoy the world of picture books via all five senses on the theme of “color/form/story”.

The main exhibit features picture books from seven authors, and we constructed the exhibit to give the impression of entering the world of each picture book. Starting from the entrance, “Boku Dayo Boku Dayo” is characterized by pic-tures with intense movement, and we printed pages of the book on translucent rubber curtains and hung them from the ceiling, which leads visitors into the venue as though they were being invited into the world of picture books by passing through these large pictures. For “Minna no Tonneru”, we created a white tunnel that gives the impression of children playing monsters and ghosts and we recreated the world of the picture book through video projections. The “Moko Moko Moko” sofa was made by simply bundling the discarded wood trimmings that were produced when we created the raw materials of the polyethylene foam body. For “Water pocket” displayed at the “Ame, Ame” corner, we pointed the light of the projector on actual rain drops so that when people would enter, a ripple of water would fall under their feet. We made the most of cardboards and used them frequently in fixtures and the exhibitions, which share an affinity with the products that are books, and will become a resource after the exhibition period.

We aimed to create an exhibition that did not impose clear divisions between respective picture book through parti-tioning by walls and so on, but where various picture books appear and disappear in this large space which allows one to read picture books here and there and pass the time leisurely.