主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: イシマル

クレジット: 照明計画/遠藤照明

所在・会場: 東京 自由が丘

延床面積: 38㎡

設計期間: 2017.11-2018.3

施工期間: 2018.04-05

写真: 高木康広





Production: ISHIMARU

Credit: Lightings: ENDO Lightings

Site area: Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

Total floor area: 38㎡

Design period: 2017.11-2018.3

Construction period: 2018.04-05

Photo: Yasuhiro Takagi


We performed the interior design for the jewelry shop “FLOREAM”, which opened on the first floor of a building located along a green roadside in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Since as many as 1200 products would be displayed within the limited 38m2 store interior, deliverables included a space that would show off the products without appearing cluttered.

The sales counter is arranged on the front street side while a niche-shaped counter and a storage room are found deeper within the shop. We created depth within the store interior by having the mortar flooring continue until the back wall. By making a black frame wall display using a glass shelf, which made the existing window appear three-dimensional, we made the light from the lighting penetrate all the way down to the bottom shelf, and the rear mirror give breadth to the space. The structure of the window display and the mirror hanging from the ceiling are unified by the design of the frame, and this gave consistency to the whole ensemble. For the shop's central table display, we produced a product base that matches the lattice-shaped hollow provided by the tabletop. We proposed a system that would give order to the collection of products while at the same time making it easy to pick them up and put them back. And while the structure is minimalistic, the mortar and dyed-white OSB boards create contrast in each spot.

The store's iconic black frame is visible from the street, and within the store we aimed to create a space that allow customers to face the delicate products up close.