WORKS / FREITAG Store Seoul Apgujeong

WORKS / FREITAG Store Seoul Apgujeong


主要用途: 物販店舗

施工: Urban Refuge

クレジット: 照明 :Ellie

所在・会場: ソウル 韓国

延床面積: 78m2

設計期間: 2019.1-2019.4

施工期間: 2019.5

写真: Nils Clauss


FREITAG(フライターグ)の、韓国で最初の直営店であるSeoul Apgujeong(ソウル アックジョン)店の内外装計画。FREITAGは使用済みのトラックタープ(幌)、自転車のインナーチューブ、廃車のシートベルトを使った、色とりどりのバッグやアクセサリーを展開している。





Principle use: SHOP

Production: Urban Refuge

Credit: Lighting :Ellie

Site area: Seoul Korea

Total floor area: 78m2

Design period: 2019.1-2019.4

Construction period: 2019.5

Photo: Nils Clauss


We performed the interior and exterior design for the FREITAG store in Apgujeong Seoul, which is the first directly managed store in Korea. The brand from Zurich, Switzerland sells colorful bags and accessories made out of recycled truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes, and used car seat belts.

The store is situated on the first floor of a corner house. Behind it is an elevated backyard with big trees. The traditional Korean roof, a new metal covering on the second floor and different facades on the shops create a diverse mix of materials, designs and history that lead the appearance of the building.

We've removed the original metal coffer facade and the beneath hidden tiles, changed the entrance position to the corner and opened the facade to the main street with big full-height windows.
By using the entire store as a big show window, the customers outside can overview the interior of the store and all the products.
Inside, we tore the existing interior down to the concrete structure and only added dry walls where they are necessary for attaching the shelving. To connect the inside of the store with the backyard behind it, we broke down the back wall and built stairs leading up to the backyard. This creates a new circulation from the street, into the store, up to the backyard and back to the street.

The layout of the store is very open and only slightly divided by a seemingly floating shelf box, made from pegboard. The steel furniture is painted in FREITAG's brand color and its top is a recycle material made from used clothes. The concrete stairs connecting to the backyard have movable steel steps that hide the entrance to a basement room usable for different occasions. In closed position they can be also used for product display.

Considering that the Apgujeong area is currently underdeveloped, the open design of the new FREITAG store will influence the neighborhood as well.